Tuesday, 29 September 2015

1st and 2nd Dimensions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem quite fanciful, in actuality, I suppose a lot of what I write about seems quite fanciful and even delusional to a lot of people, we must all follow our own instincts on this. I actually don't mind being seemingly delusional to a lot of people, it just says to me that I am thinking and being outside the square and that I'm going beyond my human conditioning.

The Right Protection: The 2nd, and especially the 1st, dimensions are not for the fainthearted, if you think this 3rd dimension is destructive and chaotic, you should try experiencing these other two dimensions, you would actually think you were in heaven in the 3rd dimension coming from these other two dimensions. Any consciousness, especially if it's escaping from the 1st dimension, would indeed see this 3rd dimension as heaven, this is no delusion, what is heaven after all? A place of deliverance from harm and pain, this is why the 12th dimension is heaven to all the other dimensional consciousness's.

We might be a person who knows that all the other dimensions, bar the 12th, are illusions brought on by expressing egotistic expressions, they are in one sense or another based on fear.

I knew this particular person who thought this until they, I believe, entered into the 1st dimension. They thought they were safe from any destructive influences as they had no fear, they also knew that all these experiences are illusions, they honestly thought this would protect him, his wasn't the case. For starters, they were lucky to get back from such an experience but of course they didn't come back unscathed/unhurt. I have no idea what dimension they went into but I think it was the 1st dimension, the silence from such people tell the story. 

This person knew within themselves they were protected but all they relied on was their own protection, there is no way I would go into these dimensions without protecting myself, but most importantly, being protected as well. I knew this person was not being protected, he's ego knew what it knew, this was enough to protect him but off course it wasn't. When entering into these dimensions, never take the ego with you. It's actually quite important to surround ourselves with a truer form of unconditional love, not a love that is unconditional that still has conditions.     

Portholes: Many times through human history has man opened up portholes to these dimensions through using Ouija boards, magic, voodoo and so on, even being highly destructive and chaotic within ourselves, can open up ourselves to these dimensions.

I was once in an environment of total confusion and destruction, the mentality of some people oozed with 2nd dimensional conscious mentalities for some period of time, eventually this kind of mentality will indeed open up portholes that are equivalent with other dimensional mentalities. This might sound ridiculous, then why are so many people ,who are not comfortable with their environment, are always talking about love?  Basically, our inner selves are guiding us to open ourselves up to more constructive dimensions, I believe we all know this deep down.

If you have noticed, anyone expressing a destructive mentality for long periods of time age quicker and/or become some how more distorted within their expressions over time. Metamorphosis comes to mind, this can occur through being destructive to yourself and/or to others through various means.

This occurs to any form entering the 1st and 2nd dimensions who experience this kind of highly destructive mentality for a extended period of time, I had actual experiences of these distorted forms while in a highly destructive environment.  In my younger days, I didn't want to go to sleep, I could feel their presence before going to sleep. You're more vulnerable to these distorted forms from the 2nd, and possibly the 1st dimension, when you are asleep within a destructive environment. I was fortunate, I was protected even though I wasn't protecting myself.

Illusion or Delusion?: Anything to do with the ego is an illusion according to certain ideologies, this means from the 11th to the 1st dimension are an illusion as it's all ego based to one degree or another. This however doesn't mean that we are expressive of the ego in the 11th dimension to any extent. Once a consciousness expresses consciousness, this action automatically creates ego. In the 11th and 10th dimensions, we don't express the ego any further than what's natural to a dimension, this is quite unlike other dimension, especially in relation to the 3rd, 2nd and 1st dimensions.

According to certain ideologies, as soon as any consciousness is expressed, this is when these expressions become an illusion. I don't myself believe, or judge, once a conscious is expressed, this is when consciousness becomes an illusion, we can however become entrapped within these dimensions if we think this is all we are. The 2nd and the 1st dimensions are very good examples of this. Basically,  any conscious form that is unaware of other dimensions, is entrapped within their own unawareness/ignorance through deluding themselves of themselves also being of other dimensions, especially the 12th dimension.

The 12th dimension doesn't exist to any consciousness entrapped within the 1st and 2nd dimensions, even to a lot of people in the 3rd, the 12th dimension doesn't exist. Consciousness can indeed delude itself to think there is no more than what I am now, this doesn't make these other dimensions an illusion though. To a person into the 12th dimension void of ego, all other dimensions are an illusion. To a consciousness within 1st dimension of pure egotism, all the other dimensions are an illusion, so which view is more correct? Neither, for only in judgment can we choose!! It's interesting......

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